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Benefits of regular truck servicing and trailer maintenance

Truck servicing and trailer maintenance are easy ways you can keep your vehicles healthy and on the road so your business won’t grind to a halt.

Maintaining a healthy fleet is crucial for the productivity and profitability of your business and not having them on the road can quickly cut into your margins.

What is involved in truck servicing?

General truck servicing involves inspection and maintenance of various systems and diagnosing any issues likely to arise. It’s important to identify problems with the vehicle and perform any preventative maintenance to the engine, transmission, electrical, cooling and brake systems. Minor truck servicing could be as basic as oil and filter changes, tyre and brake checks and wheel alignments. More serious truck servicing could be major part changes to complete engine rebuilds.

Benefits of trailer maintenance

Keeping your trailer in great shape will not only improve its lifespan but ensure it meets legal and safety requirements. Trailer maintenance is as important as truck servicing because trailers can have many complex components that require regular maintenance. Tyres, brakes, suspension and lights all need to be in mint condition to maintain safety for your trailer and those around you. Other systems like hydraulics and loading require lubrication and electrical maintenance.

Specialist diesel mechanics

Diesel mechanics are responsible for maintaining and repairing vehicles and other machinery that run on diesel fuel. Specialised diesel mechanics at Fleet Pro use diagnostic software to identify any vehicle problems. Vital systems such as suspension, steering, brakes and exhaust are inspected for faults or issues and maintenance is performed as necessary. Read more about Fleet Pro diesel mechanic services.

How much does truck servicing cost?

Truck servicing costs vary depending on the job. A simple job like repairing a tyre puncture would be much cheaper than an oil and filter change or a complete engine rebuild, for example. The best thing to do is ask for a quote before the work begins so you have a rough idea of costs. That quote can be itemised based on the work required with the inclusion of parts and labour. Fleet Pro also offers a fleet management service which can save on expenses in the long run by consolidating your costs into one system.

Fleet management

At Fleet Pro, our heavy vehicle mechanics are highly experienced in a range of truck servicing and trailer maintenance. Our technicians specialise in engines, transmission, brakes, suspension, steering and electrical systems. We can also complete auto-electrical and air-conditioning servicing and repairs. Due to our scale, we can perform comprehensive fleet management services for heavy vehicles which saves on costs and increases efficiency for your business. We perform RMS Heavy Vehicle Inspection services, defect clearances and operate a 24-hour breakdown service.

So give Fleet Pro a call today on (02) 9731 7300 to discuss your fleet management, truck servicing and trailer maintenance needs today.

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Fleet-Pro Mechanical are your diesel mechanic specialists, providing heavy vehicle mechanical services to businesses in Sydney and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today on (02) 9731 7300 to discuss how we can best serve you.

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