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ECU Mapping


  • Increased power & torque
  • Increased efficiency & economy
  • Reduced operating temperatures
  • Reduced fuel consumption

ECU Remapping services

We can perform ECU remapping services to get the most out of your engine for more power, better torque and improved fuel efficiencies. Our technicians can fine-tune a variety of parameters to achieve your intended result, including fuel performance, injection settings, torque limits and a variety of other specifications.

What are the benefits?

Modern engine systems are completely controlled by an Engine Control Unit (ECU). Manufacturers will often use a generic engine for a range of vehicles and equipment but change the mapping on the ECU to vary power or torque. This is what we modify to finely tune the software of your vehicle's ECU to get the best performance result out of them. Essentially, we will work with the control of these components by adjusting the factory computer to safely increase power, torque and improve fuel economy. We work with the control of these components by working with the factory computer, safely increasing power, torque and improving fuel economy.

Give us a call

What we change on your ECU will completely depend on your specific requirements for your vehicle. Contact us today to discuss improving your engine.

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