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The benefits of ECU remapping

Engine Control Unit (ECU) remapping is a way to change your vehicle’s settings to optimise its engine and fuel systems to give you greater performance.

By using new software to override the factory settings, ECU remapping allows experts to increase power and torque, increase efficiency and economy, reduce operating temperatures and maximise fuel consumption.

ECU remapping: what is involved?

Modern engine systems are completely controlled by the ECU and car or truck performance can be greatly improved by tweaking the mapping to increase power and efficiency. ECU remapping finely tunes your vehicle to get the best performance by adjusting the factory computer to safely increase power, torque and improve fuel economy all within legal parameters. Technicians can fine tune a variety of parameters to achieve your intended result for car and truck performance, including injection settings, torque limits and a variety of other specifications.

How much does ECU remapping cost?

Depending on the size of the vehicle and the time it takes the prices may vary. Some businesses may just adjust the settings with a general approach while others may use dynos to test your engine and measure performance. A rough guide would be somewhere between $500 and $1500 depending on the vehicle.

What vehicles can have ECU remapping?

Most modern vehicles can benefit from ECU remapping. Car, bus and truck performance can be improved greatly and ECU remapping can also be completed on 4WD vehicles, tractors, agricultural machinery and even boats.

Always trust an expert

Like most mechanical jobs you should always seek advice from an expert. ECU remapping is not something that should be completed by an amateur or inexperienced technician as negligence could cause damage to your vehicle. While in most cases ECU remapping is reversible, car and truck performance can fail if it’s performed by someone who is not qualified. You may be left with damage to the ECU, damage to engine parts or even overboost settings that are illegal, such as changing speed limiters to increase truck performance or deliberately tampering with the emission control systems. All completed work should be in accordance with the national standards for vehicle safety, anti-theft and emissions. Intentional tampering by dodgy operators can pose a risk of accident to not only the driver of the vehicle but other motorists who share the road.

So if you are looking to increase your vehicle’s performance legally, make sure to find a reputable business with decades of experience like Fleet Pro Mechanical. We offer a range of services including ECU remapping, fleet management, truck maintenance and servicing, heavy vehicle inspections and jetting. Call us today on (02) 9731 7300 to have a chat about how we can help.

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