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A guide to the Reverse Smart system

With many additions to a vehicle covering sensors and visual aids, the Reverse Smart braking system is a must have for safety.

While drivers will largely be in charge of vehicle safety, it’s always beneficial to have another layer of protection against an accident. This is extra important in blind spot areas behind vehicles.

What is the Reverse Smart braking system?

The Reverse Smart braking system is a device installed on your vehicle which reduces the chances of a truck having an accident while reversing because the vehicle will automatically come to a halt should the sensor recognise a person or object behind it.

How does Reverse Smart work?

The Reverse Smart braking system transmits both visual and audio in a dash mounted display to give the driver an indication of what is hidden in the blind spots behind the vehicle. If something is detected, the brakes are automatically applied for three seconds. The system is only powered once a vehicle is in reverse and has an override button for reversing into narrow streets and parking. It has programmable override systems based on customer specifications and the braking is pulsed so the vehicle won’t jolt when stopping quickly. It also includes throttle control to reduce the engine power which protects the braking system in the long run by reducing wear and tear.

What vehicles can use Reverse Smart?

The Reverse Smart braking system can be fitted to trucks, buses, mobile plants and equipment across a variety of industries including mining and construction, warehousing, transport, logistics and manufacturing. The device may appear to be a simple product but the system is actually very technologically advanced. Its aim is to not only protect anyone behind the vehicle but also the people working in the vehicle so it doesn’t interfere with general operation. It can be installed at your next service. Take a look at the benefits of regular truck servicing and trailer maintenance here.

How does the technology work?

The device has in-built sensors which use radar to detect objects or people at the rear of the vehicle. It is designed to work in severe weather conditions and has been utilised in European markets for years despite being fairly new to Australia. The system detects user-definable distances many metres behind the vehicle before alerting the operator if there are any obstructions.

How much does it cost?

It depends on the vehicle but the system is generally installed for a few thousand on top of a regular service. You could look at it more as an investment in both the safety and security of your business and staff. You can’t really put a price on that. Call us for a quote.

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